Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Simple DB Browser in Talend Open Studio

The screen-cast showing how to create a basic DB browser within Talend Open Studio is now available on the Talend Channel.

This presentation is more involved than the one showing how to create a simple REST endpoint. This time a basic database containing a list of customer records is exposed via HTTP and we go through a number of steps showing how the task of creating an arbitrary DB browser can be approached.

Initially the complete list of records is returned and then the optimized one containing smaller records but with links pointing back to complete individual records is returned.

What are we going to present next is the job which also supports the various data updates with a bit more complex database involved. Some options for dealing with exceptions will be shown. I haven't mentioned that JSON is also supported by default so we'll show the way it is supported out of the box too.

As I've already mentioned before our REST Tooling project is an ongoing effort and there will be quite a few things enhanced and improved over the near future. We are brainstorming with my colleagues various ideas such as how to make it feasible to bind the data to views in the most transparent way, how to secure the services, how to make the integration with other Talend components more complete, etc.

So I expect us producing quite a few exciting demos over the time :-)

In meantime, please view the presentation and provide us with the feedback.

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