Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thorntail Bird Brings New Day in Container Development

WildFly Swarm team started thinking about renaming the project awhile back, with the first message to the community coming in February.

Ken and Bob have put a lot of effort into finalizing the process, with the announcements starting coming this week, the week of Red Hat Summit.

The most exciting part is the fact that a new Thorntail Project GitHub organization has been created with the main concepts of this new 4.x line being captured here.

It is going to be a very cool project. For a start, many tests run in Docker Machine. The new project already ships and will add the best and proven components, ready to run in the micro services and Cloud centric environments. It is expected to be light-weight and easy to work with. I hope you are already forking the repository while you are reading this post :-).

Here Comes Another New Day. New Day in the application container development. Start enjoying it now !