Monday, July 4, 2011

What happened at Talend R&D summit

Last week many of us had a chance to attend to a 3 day R&D event organized by Talend in Paris. And what a summit it was.

It was good to meet Dan, JB, Christian, our colleagues from Talend Bonn's office and of course the hosts, people who organized and run the event. The only regret I have I could not play our regular chess game with Hadrian - but I guess we have plenty of time in the future to do it again :-)

I've had a chance to attend to similar events before and I did like it very much, but this last event stands on its own. Talend is still a young company but one can't help being impressed by what this team has already achieved. The tooling is very impressive, be it Talend ESB, core Talend Data Integration or Master Data Management UI suites. They understand what managing data, jobs, processes is about, what good UI is about.

Talend ESB team has had cool demos showing how ESB consumers and producers backed up by Apache CXF can be wired in together, run as live jobs, exported as OSGI bundles, with consumers locating endpoints and users seeing the management statistics. It is really impressive, I thought it was. The new Camel Builder is the tool to explore too - it also supports linking to Talend Jobs with each Job possibly representing a super complex chain on its own.

Talend team works very hard and this team knows how to play hard too :-).

Good to be part of Apache and Talend teams...