Thursday, March 21, 2019

Quarkus is all about Developer Joy

No doubt that you, being an open source developer, have already browsed through the QuarkusIO GitHub projects, been impressed by the cool Quarkus web site, and seen a lot of very positive feedback about this truly innovative project which will disrupt the current application runtime ecosystem.

So, I'm not going to go into the details into why Quarkus is such a brilliant project from the technical point of view. I'd only touch on why the Developer Joy is what Quarkus is all about IMHO.

I'm not a member of the Quarkus core team, but I was privileged to witness the launch of the project and observe the team doing the final preparations for the few days. It was obvious that what was really driving this talented team was the desire to make the features and the documentation as simple and accessible as possible from the very start.

Back in the Apache CXF days, I tried very hard with my dear Apache CXF colleagues, to make things as simple as possible for the users. Those of you who followed our progress will hopefully agree.

So, please believe me, and hope you don't mind me saying it, I do see when making the developers happy is what really drives a team. I trust you will confirm it yourself after working with Quarkus.

Get engaged with the project which will fly, become the part of its community now.

Finally, what about a link to some nice music ? Back in May 2018, I blogged about Thorntail v4. As you know by now, Thorntail v4 has not materialized. But, consider Thorntail v4 be an early version of Quarkus, given the core Thorntail v4 contributors helped to shape Quarkus. So that blog post of mine was not a complete flop :-). Besides I had a link there to the most beautiful piece of music, albeit that was a mix one.

So here is a real one. Because it is real now, here comes another new day, here comes Quarkus !

Enjoy !