Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RESTful endpoint in 60 seconds in Talend Open Studio

I briefly mentioned in the end of this post that we are working on the tooling for creating RESTful endpoints in Talend Open Studio for ESB.

I'd like to offer to your attention my first screen-cast available on the Talend Channel. It shows how one create and test a basic HTTP Service endpoint echoing the POST payload back to the client. I timed it all for some fun, so it actually did took me 60 seconds to create a service and about 60 seconds to test it.

Of course one would spend much more time on developing a more involved service but the idea was to give you a glimpse of how easy you can create a RESTful service as well as to point to the flexibility of the tooling as far as wiring the extra components in is concerned.

Future presentations will show how to create more involved services, those supporting multiple HTTP verbs, with more components facilitating the access to the real data.

Please listen to this short presentation, download the Studio and try creating your own HTTP service and also check what it offers with respect to working with SOAP services and Camel routes.

Oh yes, one more thing, if you are into languages and you'd like to hear what an Irish-Belorussian accent is about :-), then please listen indeed to this screen-cast

Enjoy !


Дмитрий Борисов said...

Thanks for your post and video! It helped me a lot to understand how to test REST services in Talend locally. But I'm still not able to publish it to the Talend runtime. So could you tell me how can I deploy my job with tRESTRequest to the server and acces it there?

Sergey Beryozkin said...

Thanks for you question. Talend jobs are deployed into a Talend ESB. So you'd need to export the job as an OSGI bundle and then drop into the ESB deploy folder.

Please ask at Talend ESB forums and check ESB Studio doc