Thursday, July 12, 2007

Meeting the JetBrains team

I've had a chance recently to meet the people who do InlelliJ. Virtually. After reading one of the blog posts about different IDEs I proceeded to the JetBrains site and after doing few clicks I somehow ended up at the page listing photos of their team.
It was an interesting experience, seeing all the different people and reading their recommendations on things like what to read, etc. They're all so different. It kind of adds some personality to the software products they do.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

WSDL is evil and the blame game

I'm tired of reading posts blaming WSDL, WS-* specifications, requiring those behind it all to apologise and proclaiming REST is the only ever way to do it all. Common, lets stop it. I'm finding it both hilarious and ridiculous.
If you truly believe in REST then my advise is to teach and not to blame. Teach it the way the authors of the RESTful Web Services do it (though WSDL is not treated as a winner there too :-)).
And be realistic. I'm wondering what WSDL blamers will start saying when people will do RPC-style services with WADL. Blaming WSDL for allowing people to write RPC-based services is pointless. Teaching on how to concentrate on the data and to evolve these data has much more value.