Friday, October 17, 2008

Football : Belarus vs England

Belarus played versus England on Wednesday 15th of October and lost 1 : 3. Even though I was disappointed they did not manage to draw or even win, I was still encouraged by quite positive reviews of the way Belarus played.

They managed to get level after losing 0:1 and who knows what could have happened if Rooney hadn't rediscovered his lethal attacking skills by the time this campaign started.

I was on a plane when the match was on, but I have it recorded. The only thing which concerns me a bit is that my (soon to be) 6 year-old son Alex is getting crazy about football at the moment and he's so excited about watching Rooney playing. I'm concerned that if I show him this match he'll start supporting England even when they play Belarus :-) May be I should wait and see if Belarus manages to shock England in the away game :-)

Slightly orthogonal note : BATE, a football club from Borisov, a small town near Minsk, is playing in the Champions League this season. In fact, it's the first ever club from Belarus which managed to achieve it. And they play Real Madrid (0:2 - in their 1st meeting in Madrid), Juventus (2:2 in Minsk) and Zenit St Petersburg (1:1 - away). Well done - great effort and it brings that much needed experience and indeed finances into the Belarussian football.