Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Locator Support For RESTful Services in Talend ESB

Back in June I blogged about CXF JAX-RS providing a fail-over support for RESTful Java clients and mentioned some relevant work started in Talend.

Things are happening in the Talend land where all the interesting new features in Apache projects that our Coders team is contributing to are taken on board, analyzed and wired in the products real fast. And the newly released Talend ESB 5 brings a Locator support for RESTful endpoints and clients with the client-side Locator feature built on top of the CXF fail-over mechanism. Kudos to the ESB team for implementing it.

If you get a working HTTP-centric code then having such a code not hard-coding the endpoint address of the RESTful server which is part of the large WEB application and seeing it working even after a given server or the HTTP connection to it goes down will be encouraging.

Are you all into writing large RESTful applications end-to-end ? Have problems answering to your friends who like working with SOAP (they are still your friends though :-)) and tell you that with REST it's not possible to write Locator-aware fail-over capable clients ? If the answer to either of those 2 questions is yes then go to a new Talend web site, download Talend ESB v5, get to /examples/talend/tesb/locator-rest and proceed from there.

One thing I should mention is that Talend Open Studio for ESB is also available for download, it builds on top of Talend Data Integration suite and offers a second-to-none UI support for developing web services and routes. If you work with CXF SOAP Web Services or Camel then you probably won't be able to get back to your old UI tools after trying Talend Open Studio for ESB.

And the good news is that we are working on bringing the users a tooling for developing RESTful applications. It is a work in progress but it's happening, stay tuned !

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