Monday, May 24, 2010

The New Beginning : JBoss

Today I've started working for JBoss, the division of RedHat.

This is a truly new beginning for me and I'm looking forward to my new career in JBoss and RedHat. I'll have a chance to work with and learn from a lot of great engineers and contribute to a number of interesting projects.

It is a big new world out there. RedHat Linux, JBoss, ws and restful services, clouds, virtualization, messaging, transactions, osgi, etc... I'm optimistic and hopeful it will be a great ride.

From now on I'll be linking to various RedHat/JBoss related projects, news, etc.

I'll continue working in a web services area. I'll be involved in a JBossWS project. I'll also have a chance to work with RestEasy and possibly contribute to it; it is a powerful JAXRS implementation which has been leading alongside with Jersey and it is also likely to become a home for realizing and implementing a number of pragmatic ideas coming from the Rest-* effort.

I also have a message for those of you who have decided to try or use CXF JAXRS. It is a project I've put a lot of effort into and I'm really keen to continue supporting CXF JAXRS users which is what I'll be doing though the time I'll be able to spend on it will be limited to after-work hours and weekends. I think CXF JAXRS will do well - it's become quite solid with respect to helping CXF users with developing REST-based services. The development effort which will go into it will become quite limited - but I hope it will live.

Stay tuned and have fun !

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Nirmal said...

Hi Sergey,

I am trying to create CXF DOSGI RESTful interface through annotations.

My method is

FileDirectory saveAndReturnFile(MultipartBody File);

I have an implementation and it is exposing osgi serivce.When I call the client, the bundle doesnt resolve because of uses violation

Resolver report:
Uses violation: in bundle
Resolver reported uses conflict for import

What I see is that, this package is only provided by cxf-dosgi lib and noone else. I deployed the interface budle and it resolved successfully with this multipart package and when i deploy client, it shows uses violation. I am new to OSGi.Please let me know your thoughts