Thursday, April 28, 2011

Transform Feature demonstrated in Talend Service Factory 2.4.0

Talend Service Factory 2.4.0 has several new advanced demos shipped as part of the examples distribution.

Please check Glen's blog for the information about WS-Trust and WS-SecurityPolicy demos.

Here I would like to describe a "jaxrs-jaxws-transformations" demo which shows the new Transform Feature at its best.

Many options for enhancing the existing XML schemas are possible. Usually, a namespace gets changed to indicate a breaking change to do with reordering elements, changing their names or structure or introducing new elements into a type with a closed schema content. Things are more complicated in the real world where best practices can require namespace changes for all updates made to a given schema.

The demo 'works' with the case where a Customer type has had a new optional property added to it. In addition, the namespace has also been modified, even though we are not dealing with the breaking update here.

The demo shows how:

* old and new JAX-RS clients can talk to existing (old) and new JAX-RS endpoints respectively - usual case
* old and new JAX-WS clients can talk to existing (old) and new JAX-WS endpoints respectively - usual case

Next, it shows how:

* new JAX-RS clients can talk to old JAX-RS endpoints
* new JAX-WS clients can talk to old JAX-WS endpoints


* old JAX-RS clients can talk to new JAX-RS endpoints
* old JAX-WS clients can talk to new JAX-WS endpoints

In this latter case, with old clients talking to new endpoints, two assumptions are made. First one is that the old clients know they are talking to new endpoints and thus Transform Feature affecting outgoing and incoming payloads is applied on the client side. Second one is that clients do not know that new endpoints will be used to handle their requests - the server side redirection and Transform Feature are used in tandem to make it work.

Finally, XMLSource is also shown in action on the client side.

This is a fairly involved demo trying to show how backward and forward compatibility may get achieved.

Try this demo and see if you can find it useful for the work you do in the real world.

Enjoy !

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