Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is common between CXF and Microsoft WCF

This morning I've read the interview with Don Box (thanks to this blog entry). I'm kind of unhappy with Twitter 'hijacking' a lot of people like Don expressing their thoughts aloud, I like reading the blogs, I can not get a lot out of Twitter one-sentences. I was 'following' Don since him contributing to his MSDN COM column, I wish himself and others could still find some time and blog...

So back to the interview. Here is what I liked most. Stefan asks :

" What is Microsoft doing from your perspective with regards to REST support? Do you see the two worlds coexist? Which role does which one play?"

Don replies and finishes with :

"One of the interesting things about Microsoft that took me a couple of years to understand was there is no place for religion in products. We build products for lots of different people and if someone wants to do REST, I want them to love our stuff. If someone wants to do SOAP and WSDL, I want them to love our stuff. Basically, it's our job to allow our customers to do what they want to go do with their software and the easier we can make that, the better. "

+1. This is what it is all about. This is what CXF is about. I love working on the CXF JAXRS project, JAXRS is a fantastic spec. I've also had some great experience in interacting with (IONA) customers (though mostly indirectly by fixing bugs :-)) who continue building advanced SOAP services even today. In CXF we are trying hard to ensure users can get the best of their chosen technologies/approaches, by combining them if needed.

I also liked how Don was talking about Mark Baker. In fact I was quite fortunate to have a long exchange with Mark where I was asking him a lot of newbie questions, it can even be found at www-archive@w3.org.

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