Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Support for JMS in CXF JAXRS

One of CXF JAXRS users have asked about the possibility of supporting JMS for a given JAXRS resource be able to get data over HTTP and JMS.

CXF has been designed from the ground up to support multiple transports so it was very easy to ensure CXF JAXRS could get the messages from JMS. Please see this beans.xml, it is just a matter of adding a transportId attribute to a given jaxrs:server endpoint, so if you have say a single service bean shared by both http and jms aware jaxrs endpoints you have multiple channels supported.

Now, you may ask, what is it all about ? JAXRS is about helping users to build HTTP-based RESTful services ? What about a "transport independence being a bug but not a feature" thing ?

I guess I could've said that REST is not about using HTTP, but it is just that HTTP, being the transport/application protocol of the WEB, is firmly associated with REST.

What really matters IMHO is that CXF JAXRS users will be able to see their 'investment' in JAXRS growing up. They've chosen to structure and annotate their resources in a way which makes it easy to expose them as RESTful services and being able to get data from different channels by relying on the underlying runtime is a good thing.

One of the reasons behind the 'longetivity' of SOAP is that users can get SOAP messages from JMS, in other words, they can easily tap into all those MQ stores with the help of the runtime.
Of course, one well-accepted alternative would be to use a routing engine such as Camel which would delegate from a jms channel to a given jaxrs endpoint. CXF gives you another alternative now.

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anydoby said...

Very nice approach, Sergey.

You mentioned an alternative approach where one could do it using Camel. Do you happen to have an idea how to do that, because this is what I really need :)