Friday, February 26, 2010

Higher and higher we are gonna take it...

I've been thinking today how to title this blog entry. First I typed "Sky is the limit" but spotted this page. Then I typed "The best is yet to come" but surely I found this one. So I ended up borrowing a phrase from the Killer's Confessions of the King and stopped being melodramatic.

It is the time to seek a new beginning and reflect a bit on the last 5.5 years I spent with IONA and Progress Fuse.

IONA was the company where I grew up as a software engineer. I was fortunate to work from the day one with the best engineers one can dream of working with, some of them being very well-known in the industry and some not but it is them from the latter group who brought me to that stage where seeing a failing system test passing was the most satisfactory thing one can imagine. It was the company where one could learn to compromise and move forward. And we had quite a few laughs all the way ! And VisIONAry t-shirts were the 'best' in the industry :-).

Working for IONA was the real thing. I enjoyed it. But I have to admit working in Progress Fuse on the CXF JAXRS implementation was probably the best part. It was the 'working on the line' kind of experience, the bleeding edge, it had it all ! Working on the open source projects gives one a chance to be a coder and an architect and lets the one to talk to users on the everyday basis. I'm not sure what can be better, as far as the software engineering is concerned.

Now it is time to think. Listen to U2. Start updating my CV. Visit London next week and hope Arsenal will not lose again (good we bought the city break package the previous week :-) as I'm feeling a bit frugal at the moment :-)) Continue supporting CXF users. And seek the new beginning.

Stay tuned and have fun !

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