Friday, December 18, 2009

Support for CXF in Enunciate

Enunciate is a popular framework which can be used to deploy and expose Java applications as WEB applications. I had read good reviews about it long before I joined the CXF JAX-RS project.

Thus I was quite excited when I found out from this announcement CXF JAX-RS was also optionally supported. Please see some more information from the modules page which says that CXF JAXWS and JAXRS frontends are supported (as a side note, CXF users can deploy endpoints without depending on Spring by relying on non-Spring CXF servlets).

I would like to use this post to encourage the leads of other higher-level frameworks to let users choose between different web services enablers and those exposing Java applications as RESTful services in particular, by doing it the way Enunciate did.

It will not harm. Giving users a choice never harms. The most likely sideeffect is that your favourite framework will likely see more users coming in.

I hope Enunciate will make CXF and CXF JAX-RS more visible. Likewise I hope Enunciate will enjoy seeing a number of its users rising in turn too. I will be happy to play with this framework later on too and see if I can contribute somehow.

Enjoy !


Ryan said...


Thanks for the call-out. I can tell you that we're dedicated to supporting CXF. I'd love to hear more about how the Enunciate team can work more closely with the CXF team to promote adoption of our products. Send me an e-mail or post your thoughts to one of the Enunciate lists.


Sergey Beryozkin said...

Hi Ryan

thanks for your comment.

> Send me an e-mail or post your thoughts to one of the Enunciate lists.

Sure, will do. Will try to find some time soon.

thanks, Sergey