Thursday, December 10, 2009

Better Jettison is on the way

It would be fare to say the Jettison project has been stagnating for a while now.

I do think it has been doing really well as part of CXF, by generating and consuming JSON sequences from and into JAXB beans. It has not been always 'successful' but still worked well for many cases. In addition, CXF JAX-RS provides a number of options for customizing input and output JSON sequences on top of Jettison :

That said, Jettison has not been capable of handling recursive structures well, and may 'surprise' now and then in a number of other cases. Some CXF users have tried a well-rated Jackson, however, some users are still like working with the default Jettison-based CXF JAX-RS provider.

Thus it was just a matter of time before motivated and interested users were to step in and contribute to Jettison. John Worrell has recently done a major refactoring of the Jettison XMLStreamWriter implementation and his patch has already been applied by Dejan. In fact, CXF trunk has just been updated to depend on Jettison 1.2-SNAPSHOT containing the improved writer . This is a great contribution from John and I do hope it will give a new lease of life to Jettison.

If you do use Jettison, with or without CXF, then please give the latest SNAPSHOT a try. Please report the issues if any to the Jettison users list or leave a comment at Jettison-87 and also close the JIRAs which may have been fixed, example, a well-known Jettison-57 has been fixed along the way after the patch from John has been applied.

So it is a good news for Jettison users. Another CXF user has actually expressed an interest in enhancing Jettison for it to support streaming.

The better Jettison is on the way.

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