Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Atom Logging in CXF

Andrzej (Andy) Michalec, the CXF committer, has just committed the initial code for supporting push-style Atom logging in CXF.

It is only a beginning. It all seems quite straightforward to implement, but even a push-style Atom logger requires a lot of effort and thinking for it to be implemented well, and even more work will be needed to polish the original implementation. So it is a great effort from Andy, thanks.

This code will initially live in the CXF JAX-RS implementation code base but the idea is that all of CXF endpoints, JAXWS and JAXRS based ones, will be able to have their logging events handled by these Atom-based handlers, by registering them from the logging properties or from Spring.
The pull-style appender will be done later on, it will be more complex than the push-style one. Supporting Feed Archiving features, etc, is on the map, and we hope Abdera will help there.

Going forward, we can see users being able to selectively register callback URis with CXF endpoint-specific push-style loggers or subscribe to individual feeds, possibly finding the required feed from a master feeds endpoint. The users will be able to apply a lot of various configuration to both push and pull style loggers. Some of this configuration will have to do with the mechanics of the pull- or push- style deliveries, and some of it will have to do with how the log records will be presented in an Atom feed - there're quite a few possible options there.

This will also drive further requirements on the CXF JAXRS Client API, namely the support for one ways and asyncs will be on the map.

I'm thrilled. I really am. Hope you will be too once you start using this feature in CXF.
We'll start documenting it a bit later on, we might have it all done in time for CXF 2.3.

Think CXF, think Atom. Think Atom, think CXF. Enjoy :-)

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