Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Apache CXF passes JAX-RS 1.0 TCK

The latest 2.2.2 patch release of Apache CXF is the first one which passes a JAX-RS 1.0 TCK.

It has been a long and rocky road for the CXF JAX-RS implementation. It came quite late into the game, with JAX-RS RI (Jersey), RestEasy, Restlets being already there. Doubts like "why a SOAP stack needs a JAX-RS implementation given that SOA has a new definition now or why duplicate what other JAX-RS implementations have done" combined with the lack of resources didn't help so by the time JAX-RS 1.0 RI (Jersey) was released in the end of last September, CXF JAX-RS was still suffering from some embarrassing bugs :-).

But we hanged on and CXF users started using it and helped us to move to the stage where it was sufficient to fix some edge cases during a 5-days spell to virtually claim a JAX-RS TCK 1.0 compliance.

One might say it is not a big news given that a JAX-RS 1.0 RI (Jersey) was released in the end of last September while RestEasy announced its compliance in January.

In CXF we are still seeing this result as an accomplishment which was only possible due to the fact that users tried it and helped us to push it forward. I'd also like to thank Dan for his support from the very beginning and Jervis Liu for his initial CXF JAX-RS effort.

So in CXF we have the best JAX-WS implementation out there and the JAX-RS implementation is now live and kicking. CXF does and will help users build their SOAs - it does not claim it knows the only definition of SOA. CXF JAX-RS has some interesting extensions and we have some more exciting ones in mind.

So stay tuned and thanks a million to all those who helped and supported us.

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