Thursday, February 26, 2009

CXF JAXRS in Camel

My colleague William Tam has spent some of his time on Camel providing the support for CXF JAXRS consumers, which is much appreciated.

The way William did it is very nice in that JAXWS will eventually be supported too, using the same high-level route definition. What is also good is that no strange queries like ?httpverb=POST will have to specified in routes, as in case of other Camel components consuming HTTP requests.

Here's a basic example (courtesy of William) :


where 'serviceBean' is an identifier for a resource class bean under which it's also been registered in a Camel service registry.

With CXF 2.0 being released soon we have a client api support coming out too, which will make it possible to add cxf jaxrs producers calling out to external services, we'll make sure it goes into a Camel 2.0 final release.

I'd encourage someone from a Mule community to add support for CXF JAXRS routes too, perhaps by combining it somehow with the existing Mule CXF JAXWS routes.

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