Friday, July 25, 2008

A RESTful Core for Web-like Application Flexibility

I spotted a RESTful Core for Web-like Application Flexibility article on the ServerSide.

Please read it.

I was musing a bit about the universal web programming in a couple of previous posts, using an "if REST approach is considered so appealing to the web application developers then why don't we just have the generic interfaces even in the local JVM" kind of argument, without any practical suggestions.

Looks like some clever people are after it - and my take on it is that it's just a matter of time before we'll see a new programming language, say, W#, pronounced as 'Web Sharp'. It will come out from Microsoft or Sun or IBM or Google or indeed from 1060 Research labs. I don't see how this would be W# language ever replace Java , but I have little doubt it will be unveiled eventually.

The authors do not propose to replace, say, a java.util.List interface with a more generic version such that a client code is never even compiled against a fine-grained interface. Given that what they write is considered 'extreme' by some of the readers of their article, deprecating the whole notion of the interface is not a starter even in the nearest longer future :-) What the authors propose seems like an interesting and promising idea, of some moderate 'extreme' :-).

Interesting stuff.

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