Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow is not working

I got interested a bit in Rich Internet Applications enabled with technologies like Flex, Silverlight and JavaFX. So I spotted A JavaFX Christmas Demo . These comments attracted my attention:

Question : Could you describe the problem?
Problem : after snow fall starts, i am having %70-80 CPU usage.
Answer : The snow is currently very inefficient...

I'm sorry for presenting the bits out of context (the demo is actually good), but these comments made me smile and also reminded me of the fact that I'm just missing seeing the real snow. I'm going to Minsk in early January and I do hope to see some snow at home. But even in Minsk there's no guarantee any more about the snow being on the streets. Global warming. Hope the snow will be working just fine this year.

Happy New Year !

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Anonymous said...

We could ship you some snow from Waltham. We sure have plenty of it here.