Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The first post

So here's my first public post. It's an introduction really. I'm working for Iona Technologies in Dublin, Ireland. In a vibrant company, in a vibrant city. I've worked and lived here for 8 years, quite a long period of time.

My home country is Belarus and my home city is Minsk. I'm belorussian, though many people I know reckon I'm either all the way from Kiev :-) or from Russia. I don't mind, my mother is from northern Russia, and the high chance is that someone from my ancestors came from Ukraine. These countries have been closely related for centures.

I've titled my blog "Musing about web services". This is because web services is where my professional interests are and this is what I'll mostly be talking about. About WS-* services, about RESTful services, just about everything related to the issues like : how to do it right, how to get the best out of all the technologies available there, etc.
My position is general is that no silver bullet exists in this space and I'll stick to it while doing my posts.

I may rename the blog over time if I find myself posting off-topic :-)

Stay tuned.

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