Friday, July 27, 2012

Jettison 1.3.2 is out

Jettison 1.3.2 has been released this week, please check the Download page.

Those who try to customize the way Jettison works should find it easier to override various Jettison classes, for example, in CXF I've been able to remove about 50 lines of code I had to copy earlier on to get large Jettison sequences optionally restricted.

Jettison will no longer require a namespace map set up for the serialization to work, in cases when it is not configured to ignore namespaces, as I moved a fix provided by Benson from CXF to Jettison.

A number of minor performance enhancements have also been implemented thanks to the proposals from Fabian Lange.

During the next  few interactions we will continue minimizing a number of outstanding issues, however I'd also like to encourage the community to provide patches - they will get an immediate attention during the release, as it's been the case during the last few releases. I haven't resolved one issue with the available patch to do with treating XML attributes as elements, in CXF we can manage it by providing a custom XML writer, so I needed more time on investigating if that issue can be resolved at the current Jettison implementation level effectively or not.

At some point in the future an optional streaming support will have to be introduced, either on read or write sides, even if certain restrictions will have to be there.

In meantime, please keep stressing Jettison and provide the patches :-) 

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