Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to test CXF JAX-RS endpoints

Users have been asking during the last couple of years how to test CXF JAX-RS endpoints. One of the users from the CXF community would always point to either a blog entry or paste a code example showing how the endpoints can be tested easily enough.

The problem has been all the time that there was no any documentation on the CXF JAX-RS wiki specifically describing the steps required to get the tests set-up and running.

A new wiki page has been added recently and it documents how the endpoints and indeed the consumers can be tested easily by using either the embedded Jetty or the newly added support for CXF Local Transport. The latter option is quite cool is that it does let to test the complete end-to-end invocation without spending the time on setting up HTTP mocks, by only having an address value to include a "local:" URI scheme.

This wiki page will be expanded to show how the tests can be run in the different test environments. Let us know please if you have some material ready to be contributed to the wiki :-)

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