Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OT: The Fever Pitch

I have to make an admission : I really start liking the way Arsenal FC plays. In fact, I simply can not help waiting to see them playing on the BBC Match of The Day tonight and then reading the reviews in different newspapers and online on BBC and tomorrow, even if they not win. Arshavin is 'to blame'. But now I can also see what a good team Arsenal is.

When I came to work to England nearly 13 years ago, I already was a ManU supporter. A lot of ManU supporters actually live abroad. After living for nearly a year in Manchester I became even more ManU-obsessed, especially after seeing them playing live in Liverpool at Everton, despite the fact I found out that actually there also was a Manchester City FC too, supported by quite a few locals I spoke too :-). I still love watching ManU playing, they are playing for people who watch them and they probably still have the more local-grown talent on the pitch than other teams in the top 4.

That said, Arsenal is the team which I am really excited about at the moment. It was a 'ruined' weekend when they lost to Chelsea but the last weekend was great ! Two weeks ago I watched them playing Stoke on the Match of The Day on Saturday on both RTE1 and BBC and then again the next day on the Match of The Day 2 on BBC.

What is the story ? Another milder version of the Fever Pitch ? And what a great book that was, my friend who is an Everton fan, presented it to me the other day.

I realized this Monday Arshavin inspires me. He is a match winner and a real fighter. Arsenal are a bit "vertically challenged" upfront as one of Arsenal fans said the other day :-), but they are a great team to watch.

Go Arsenal !

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