Monday, June 8, 2009

Pragmatic Web Services with Apache CXF

Pragmatic web services are the ones which deliver, have been written with the interoperability in mind and which can cope with inevitable changes.

Pragmatic Web Services with Apache CXF article has been published at DZone Architects Zone and it attempts to look at how changes might be dealt with the help of various CXF features. It spends little time talking about REST and SOAP though it describes how some JAX-RS extensions can help dealing with the changes.

Arguably, the example which is looked at in the article is a bit contrived in that search parameters are presented in some methods as PATH variables. One can easily come up with a more suitable example where PATH variables can be used and I thought the example served the purpose of the article really well.

There are some minor formatting and link issues with the article at the moment but hopefully the DZone team who have helped a lot in publishing this article will fix them.

Comments are welcome.


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