Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pragmatic notes

James Snell posts excellent notes on the notes about QCon Stefan posted earlier.
These notes are interesting to read because they're pragmatic in nature.

I don't want to select certain entries there to prove that, you know, even people which
support REST strongly do believe that it's complex. They still believe REST is better but
such notes are much more thought-provoking. Such notes have more potential to convince and generate healthy debates.

One note from James has attracted my attention :

"Now that I’m working for IBM’s WebAhead group, building and supporting applications that are being used by tens of thousands of my fellow IBMers, I haven’t come across a single use case where WS-* would be a suitable fit."

This is a strong point all right. One thing I'd like to say though that there're not too many people out there now which believe that Web Services can rule the WEB. It seems perfectly normal that no Web Services are used in the applications WebAhead group is working upon. I don't know much about those applications, but I'm presuming we're talking about clients being able to consume with their (Web)UI tools the *data* coming out of the blogs, push new data into those blogs, etc. Blogs may not the the only web apps, but we're talking about generic tools dealing with the data, right ? May be I'm just not understanding, I apologise if my one sentence analysis misses the actual reality.

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